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    Bert Gervais

    Bert Gervais


    • Mentorship
    • Student Success
    • Student Leadership


    Career Highlights:

    • Number 1 Best Selling Author
    • Known as "The Mentor Guy"


    Recognized by USA Today and Fox News as one of the top young leaders in the country, Bert Gervais a.k.a. “The Mentor Guy” is one of the nation’s top high school speakers on mentorship and using a positive self-image to help students obtain a higher education.


    His Number one Amazon.com best-selling book Who’s in Your Top Hive? has garnered critical reviews and has been translated into a curriculum for high schools, mentoring programs, and non-profits.


    Having been born in Haiti, with limited means, Bert quickly realized the value of seizing opportunities. He emigrated from Haiti when he was seven, with few resources, and separated from his mother. He overcame obstacles and obtained his college degree where he started his first Internet business, was president of multiple student organizations and played Division 1 football.


    Bert combined his passion and personal experiences to create a dynamic message that has inspired audiences in 30 states and two countries.

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    Todd Duckett

    Todd Duckett


    • Student Motivation
    • Movement Creation/Culture Creator


    Career Highlights:

    • NFL Player
    • Founder of "New World Flood"


    Todd Duckett was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the first round of the 2002 NFL Draft, leading a great lineup as part of their daunting rushing offense from 2003-2005. Duckett was traded in 2006 to the Washington Redskins before returning to his home state in 2007 when he signed with the Detroit Lions. From March of 2008 to August of 2009, Duckett served as a short-yardage back for the Seattle Seahawks.


    Duckett’s passion and drive also lead him to co-found New World Flood. New World Flood is a Michigan non-profit organization that believes citizens can be change agents in their communities by using education and service as a means to sustain the overall welfare of their environment. New World Flood is an entity by which every individual can make a difference in their communities, because a single raindrop is the beginning of a flood.


    Duckett has also received extensive media appearances on television, radio, print, and podcast interviews that include Sports Illustrated, ESPN, ESPN the Magazine, NFL.com, Essence Magazine, USA Today, and The Huffington Post.



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    Duane Spires

    << Duane Spires

    Entrepreneur and Speaker

    Duane Spires is a international motivational speaker who is best known for his high-energy presentations that cause audiences to
    overcome their fears, take action towards their education goals, and create an amazing life they love! Duane teaches students how to become extraordinary leaders as they make the most of their school career!


    Duane Spires runs Extreme Youth Sports Inc. which offers exciting after school programs
    and summer camps for children ages 5-12 and serves hundreds of families in Tampa, Florida.


    Duane has spoken at the White House and has been featured on FOX, ABC, and Inc.com!



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