Our Signature Programs


    Your Starting Point For Student Success


    Perfect for First Year Students, Orientation, and Welcome Back Week


    Get your students off to a fast start!

    If you’re looking for the ultimate student success program to achieve lasting change in your students then The College Success Program is it.


    Let’s face it. Going through College can be challenging socially, financially, intellectually and emotionally- and it’s no surprise that students get lost in the process. Arel’s mission with this program is to stop that from happening and empower students to achieve the greatest possible results both in school and in life.


    The Key is about beginning the journey to success today!


    Student’s leave the program:

    • Knowing The Fastest Way to Create Success in Their Life Now
    • Creating unstoppable self-confidence through a special mindset switch
    • Learning the little known secret to achieving more goals in less time
    • Understanding the mystery behind what drives all of our actions and how to use it
    • Discovering the single most import determining factor to your continued success


    Students exposed to this program not only perform better academically, they are happier and can deal with the challenging environment of college much better.

    Student Leadership

    S.E.C.R.E.T.S of Exceptional Student Leaders

    Being a student leader is tough but it doesn’t have to be. Students will learn the skills they need to break precedent, inspire, motivate and overcome any challenge that is thrown at them in this dynamic and fast paced experience.


    Did you know that almost every great business, political and social leader developed their skills during college or high school?


    It is absolutely crucial to foster young leaders and equip them with the skills they need to not just survive but thrive in the 21st century.


    This special program has been developed so that students leave knowing:The biggest mistake most leaders make and how to avoid it:


    • How to turn “dead weight” and “energy parasites” members into productive members
    • How to throw events that people want to attend and get rave reviews
    • The secret psychology of great leaders that make people want to follow you
    • How to effectively and easily raise money for events


    This is an extremely powerful presentation and will be a mindset changing experience to challenge students to take their leadership to the next level!


    Even with a shoestring budget, students learn how to use advanced techniques that Fortune 500 companies use to run successful businesses. A must for any student leader!


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    Student Success/Motivation

    We have multiple program to motivate students from all backgrounds, Contact us to find out more about about customizable motivational events for your students from grade 7-12. And for College students.


    Leadership Development

    We also offer leadership development ranging from one hour keynotes up to 2-day leadership retreats. 


    Contact us to find out which one of our leadership events is perfect for you