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    Student Leadership Testimonial

    Hello, my name is Jamie Vacca Hoefner, and I’m the Director of Student Activities at St Josephs College in Brooklyn, New York. We just had Arel Moodie on our campus for the third time today, to present the keynote address to the freshman class as part of our freshman year experience program.


    We had him here two years ago for the same program, and last year for Student Government Leader training. We discovered Arel at the APCA Conference in 2009, and our students just fell in love with him – they said that we have to have him on our campus, so we brought him to campus in September and the response was incredible.


    Our students relate to him so well, he’s so real, they can relate to his story and his background, he’s inspirational, motivational, and he really connects with them on a personal basis.


    I would highly recommend Arel to come to your campus – he cares about the staff, he cares about the students, he keeps in touch with them afterwards on Facebook, and he really forms long-lasting relationships. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me at any time. 


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